Community Choir of South Pelion

Hortodia invites you for a unique trip

Hortodia was founded in 2012 at the little seaside village Horto and is the choir of Angelinis - Hadjinikos Foundation. It is a community choir with members of many different nationalities who live in or visit Pelion.






Singing is one of the basic means of communication and human expression and this is exactly what motivates our activities as a group.

Every year since 1984 Angelinis - Hadjinikos Foundation has organised cultural festivals, scientific meetings, educational projects and many other events. On you can find out more about the Foundation.






Hortodia has become the supporting group of the summer festival and, as an active member of the Foundation’s activities, aims to communicate and collaborate with choirs from different countries, encouraging the continuity of creativity and expression throughout the broader region of our homeland.

Cultural Experience Exchanging Program

May/June - September/October

is addressed to community choirs

which would like to visit Pelion for

a vacation enriched with creativity, communication, interactivity and revitalisation in a natural environment that combines harmony with beauty, effortlessly accessible due to the human dimension of the area.

Mt Pelion is located on the peninsula of Magnesia, central Greece, mid way between Athens and Thessaloniki. Its height, reaching 1600 meters, is easily accessible to human ... same though to Gods who, according to mythology, spend their summer vacation on its beautiful slopes. The mountain is one of the richest areas in healing herbs in Greece, leaving no doubt that it was here that Chiron, the wise centaur, trusted Asclepius to raise the new born “snake”, still the symbol of medicine nowadays.

The Pelion peninsular is covered with olives trees that emerge from the sea and fill the land up to 400 meters, where plantation merges to forest scenery and main roles are given to apple trees, plane trees, oak trees etc.

Due to its unique area with the combination of vegetation, sea, mountain, springs, small waterfalls and rivers, the climate feels gentle all year round, making it a most favorite destination for many people from around the globe.

A footpath network connects the stonebuilt villages that spread all around the mountain in routes of impressive beauty, generously offering euphoria and harmony to anyone who gets the chance to be here.

Suggested Programme

The following activities are suggestions only, and arrangements can be varied according to individual requirements.

Day 1

Arrival - Ice-breaking meeting

Day 2

Relaxing Warm Ups 9am Rehearsal 7pm

Day 3

Relaxing Warm Ups 9am Rehearsal 7pm

Day 4

Relaxing Warm Ups 9am Concert 8:30pm

Day 5

Finding Herbs Walk 9am Workshop 6pm

Day 6

Cruise Day/ Olympus excursion day

Day 7

Relaxing Warm Ups 9am Excursion 11am

Informal Concert and Party 7pm

Day 8


Windy roads lead to stunningly beautiful pebbled bays, framed by a backdrop of lush greenery. With its green mountain ridge and the vivid blue of the waters, Pelion provides the enchanting combination of sea and mountains. The region is well connected by good tarmac roads, nevertheless distances become longer because of the numerous turns.

In times of mass tourism where many beautiful Mediterranean coasts have ended to be stuffed with holiday apartment complexes, noisy bars and marinas with luxurious yachts, Pelion has remained relatively untouched.

Tourism here has other kinds of treasure to offer: natural wonders, picturesque villages, friendly people, a chance to relax and regenerate.

From recent experience we estimate that group bookings will cost €500 per person for a 7 night stay in attractive local rooms (double or twin beds) with breakfast and one main meal per day.

You can make your own arrangements or ask us for help in finding what you are looking for.

Contact us:

+30 6936 864831